Lake Belcher

What we thought would be an easy day walk turned into a real adventure earlier this week as we visited Lake Belcher in Mount Field National Park. I'd wanted to do this walk for a while now, and a midweek public holiday presented the perfect opportunity.

Lake Belcher-4.jpg

Lake Belcher is a little off the beaten path when you consider 95% of visitors to Mount Field only see Russell Falls, and of the 5% that go beyond, only a fraction make the six hour return journey to this spectacular little lake.

After a steady walk across moorlands and a steep downhill descent, the track becomes extremely muddy and at times difficult to follow through thick buttongrass and scrub at the bottom of the valley.  Much to the disappointment of my legs, I had left my gaiters at home and really regretted this oversight as I stood almost knee deep in mud on more than one occasion!

Lake Belcher-1.jpg
Lake Belcher-3.jpg

We made it to Lake Belcher for lunch and stopped to enjoy this beautiful, isolated place under the glare of the midday sun as we shared the valley with noone other than a couple of fishermen and a few birds in a nearby tree.

Lake Belcher-7.jpg

Need to Know:
Time: 6 hours return
Distance: 12 km
Difficulty: Moderate - Hard
Tip: Don't forget gaiters - mud is unavoidable on this trail!

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