Tall Trees & Waterfalls: Exploring Mount Field National Park

Mount Field is Tasmania's oldest National Park, a magnet for nature lovers for over a century. Located only 60 minutes drive from downtown Hobart, it's a wonderful day trip option featuring an array of landscapes and experiences.

The park is home to a more diverse range of landscapes than almost any other in Australia, with Alpine plateaus, glacier-carved lakes, abundant wildlife and some of the world's tallest trees.

Above all else, the park is renowned for its stunning waterfalls. Most people come to see Russell Falls, a 98m high series of cascades in thick rainforest only 20 minutes walk from the main visitor centre, but this isn't the only great waterfall in this part of the park.

Russell Falls

All visitors should take the time to explore a little further - a two hour circuit passes by Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls, two lesser-visited waterfalls.

After a short, steep climb to Horsehoe Falls, the trail is easy to follow and passes through some of the most spectacular rainforest in the country. We visited on a cool winters day and had the trail virtually to ourselves, seeing a number of pademelons, wallabies and birds along the way. Platypus are also seen often in the creeks and rivers in this part of the park.

Horsehoe Falls

After walking for another 45 minutes surrounded by some of the tallest trees on Earth, the trail arrives at the Lady Barron Falls, the third and most secluded waterfall on this accessible walk in the lower section of the park.  From here, the trail follows a small river through an enchanting rainforest back to the park visitor centre.

Lady Barron Falls

Need to know:

Tall Trees & Lady Barron Falls Circuit
Time: 2 Hours
Distance: 6 km
Difficulty: Easy
Tip: Tread quietly and you may see a platypus in one of the streams. If you don't feel like a lot of climbing, do the walk clockwise and finish at Russell Falls.

Explore More:
Marriott Falls is another stunning waterfall that sits just outside the national park - drive a further 10 minutes along the road and turn right at the small township of Tyenna. The carpark is signposted and Marriott Falls is around a two hour return walk.

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