Cradle Mountain Winter Wonderland

Cradle Mountain is one of Australia's most famous natural landmarks, renowned for its rugged dolerite columns, glacier sculpted landscape and alpine moorlands.

We recently made the trip north from Hobart to spend a weekend at Cradle Mountain with our friends Jack and Lauren. After a quick stopover in Devonport on Friday evening, we made our way to Cradle Mountain early, a little nervous after hearing of snowfall to low levels closing some roads overnight.

Despite a fresh layer of snow, the road remained open and we made it to Cradle Mountain just in time to jump on the 4WD shuttle bus to Dove Lake.

It was snowing lightly as we set off to explore the area surrounding Dove Lake before making the trek to Crater Lake, with high hopes the weather might clear and allow us onto the Cradle Plateau. 

We passed a series of small lakes and tarns including Wombat Pool, which looked incredible with the fresh snowfall. This is not your typical Australian landscape but the atmospheric weather made for a memorable view.

Tasmania's highlands can be incredibly harsh and downright dangerous in winter weather so we decided after reaching Crater Lake to opt for lower altitudes when the weather refused to co-operate. 

Heading down the mountain was a great choice - we stopped by an old boat shed on Crater Lake and traversed through a magical, snow-covered rainforest passing by icy waterfalls along the way.  

After four hours of walking through the snow and enjoying the quiet solitude that goes with it, we arrived back at the Waldheim huts and took the bus back to our campsite to sit by the fire for the afternoon.

You can see more photos from our trip over on Instagram: