Tasman Island Cruise

Last weekend was a long time coming. With lots happening around Hobart for the long weekend we decided to stay close to home and take a trip to Tasman Island with Pennicotts Wilderness Journeys. 

It was an amazing way to spend our morning - the tour travels from Port Arthur to Eaglehawk Neck around some of Australia's most spectacular coastlines, including the towering cliffs of Cape Pillar, the historic Tasman island and a number of sea caves carved into the harsh coastline.

Setting off from Port Arthur, we quickly left the shelter of the bay and travelled south east toward Cape Pillar.  This was a relatively calm day for the area with swells at 2-3 metres, allowing us to see the wild coastline up close.

Cape Pillar is arguably the most spectacular coastline anywhere in Australia and is a big drawcard for bushwalkers on the nearby Three Capes Track - it was a real treat to see it from this perspective, especially from the more sheltered waters as we neared Tasman Island.

Situated about 1km to the south of Cape Pillar is Tasman Island - a small but rugged island completely surrounded by Dolerite cliffs that is home to Australia's Highest lighthouse.

The Tasman Island lighthouse is situated 280m above sea level - back in the early days of its operation it was extremely unpopular with lighthouse keepers due to its isolation. The only way to access the lighthouse was via a flying fox and tramway up the side of the sheer cliffs - remnants of which are still visible today.

The coastline is home to an abundance of wildlife including Seals, Albatross, Dolphins and migrating Whales - some of the locals were quite curious about our presence!

We continued along the coastline, passing a number of sea caves as we rounded Cape Hauy and Waterfall Bay on our way to Eaglehawk Neck.

It's an understatement to say that this part of Tasmania is quickly becoming an iconic Australian destination with its wild coastlines, spectacular bushwalking and the nearby Port Arthur Historic site offering an array of things to do.  If you're in the region I'd highly recommend taking a cruise around the coastline to get a different perspective on this amazing area.